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Welcome to RhythmQuest, an innovative, rhythm-based approach to personal freedom and transformation!! We believe that you are entitled to the beautiful, fulfilling, magical life of which you have always dreamed.  There’s nothing in the world more powerful than watching people shake themselves free of historical limitations.  We want you to step out of the shadows and into your greatness.  We want you to live courageously!

At RhythmQuest, we have the passion, dedication, commitment and knowledge to make that happen.

To stay informed about future RhythmQuest events, drum circles, workshops, and performances sign up here! We promise not to drown you in pointless emails!


“No experience necessary. Giavanni is an amazing teacher and healer. I participated in her drumming sampler this past Fall. I had so much fun. Really got to let go and have fun.”

Stephanie HoefenerAnimal Healer, Spirit Horse Healing Ranch

“As an ancient – futurist  and rhythmical evangelist, Giavanni shares her spirit with us with a deep respect for the rhythmaculture traditions of the world, helping to build our recreational rhythmical community one beat at a time.”

Arthur HullVillage Music Circles

“The workshop I attended was great for me. I’ve been doing African rhythms for six years.  I’ve never used drums to voice feelings or emotion.  It was liberating and just plain fun!  I love drumming and RhythmQuest is a part of the reason I feel this way.”

Janice RamkalawanRetired Music Teacher, Singer, Healer