Step Into A Fully Funded Future

As an Individual Artist or Leader of an Arts Organization, you

  • Preserve and protect heritage & culture
  • Value and utilize education as a change agent
  • Are gifted at reconnecting people to their own creative source
  • Inspire…
  • Transform….

 Painters Block

You are frustrated because you:

  • Lack money to start, finish or share your work
  • Are you too busy working to earn money to have the time to focus on making art
  • Have no idea where to start looking for (appropriate) funding for your great ideas and projects
  • Are overwhelmed by funding options
  • Feel defeated by too many rejections (and ONE was too many!)


It is time to Find Your Funding Foothold!

Join two fellow creatives with a passion for world-changing work coupled with long experience with arts funding strategy as they help heart-centered individuals and organizations change the world by getting their:


The MISSION ACCOMPLISHED program is designed to support arts organizations, individual artists and visionaries with a mission as they Step Into a Fully Funded Future!

We want to help you get onto solid ground for good.

This is not a one-time learn everything in 2 hours training or workshop, because, frankly, you can’t, and that’s not the hard part.

As you know, even with a great plan, the hard part is DOING it, so we’ve put together a powerful container with plenty of time, education, support, and direction to help you:

  • Clarify Your Mission
  • Plan Your programming
  • Manage your board/organization
  • Identify appropriate funding sources for different aspects of programming (including some you’ve never considered!)
  • Select appropriate grants and crowdfunding platforms
  • Identify & Transform Your Money Culture
  • Speak To Funders So They Are Excited To Contribute
  • Budget Without Fear


You will walk away from this program with a/n:

  1. New Relationship to Money & Funders
  2. Integrated Funding Strategy
  3. Grant Template for Future Grant Seeking
  4. Crowdfunding Campaign
  5. Sponsorship List
  6. Event Calendar
  7. Clarity & Purpose That Will Grease The Wheels for Years to Come



This program is an investment, both of time and money, but the rewards will allow you to live into your mission with new focus, clarity and sustainability for years to come.

If you and/or your organization are ready for this, CLICK HERE to schedule a click here to get on our calendar for an interview to see if it is a fit.



› Make a difference with your art.

› Gain enduring knowledge about a variety of ways to fund the art you make.

› Have funding resources at your fingertips.

› Confidently Create Fundable Projects!



Patricia Morrison

Musician, Master Teacher, Creative Project & Business Development Coach


Dr. Giavanni Washington

Master Grant Proposal Writer, Percussionist, & Group Transformation Facilitator


Confidently Create Fundable & Funded Projects!


Nancy-headshot-208x300Meeting Patricia was like chocolate meeting peanut butter – I already brought creativity and commitment to my craft, but she brought the big-picture strategies and business sensibilities to synergize my work into something successfully shared with the world.  She has helped me shift my mentality from that of a starving amateur to a respected professional.

Nancy Stohlman,  Author of the The Monster Opera www.nancystohlman.com

In this program, you will:

* Learn how to effectively speak about your Art to Friends, Fans, and Funders

* Learn where to find money

* Learn how to get money

* Choose the appropriate funding source for your and your project/work

So you can get your art out into the world where it can make a real difference!


JessHead3When I met Giavanni, I was full of ideas. I wanted to write a book, expand my rhythm-based events business, and share my knowledge of how to teach STEM engineering using rhythm with educators around the world.  The tasks seemed monumental so I never took the first step. That’s when Giavanni began Coaching me.  She not only encouraged me to take the first step — she stayed with me every step of the way, helping me build on my momentum.  She transformed the way I approach my business.  Giavanni is the best!

Jessica Fredericks                                                                                         Owner of RhythmTrek  &  Music Teacher                                           https://www.facebook.com/RhythmTrekLLC

[ Testimonial from Jasmine Phillips, needs editing] I’m the kind of person that has so many creative ideas and before I get my foot firmly planted in moving forward with one idea I have ten more simultaneously pulling me in all directions.  This was the case when I met Dr. Giavanni where I was working in a field that did not fully tap into my creativity nor passion to unite my community around Pan African arts.  Signing up to be on a journey through her Artist Prosperity Blueprint helped me to articulate my purpose for my vision and future goals in relation to my creative passion.  What helped me the most was actually writing these ideas down on paper and talking them through with Dr. G and then always having some follow up action steps to keep me accountable and on track with my timeline.  Since finishing the program, I can say that I have clearly measured my success by the fact that I have successfully formed the Los Angeles Pan African Cultural Center which would not have been possible without Dr. G! Thank you from the bottom of my heart and then some.  I recommend her services to anyone with a heartbeat looking for a lifetime of fulfillment through living your innate purpose.

Program Details & Features:

* 7 weeks, starts the week of July 7th

FYA-Banner-text-2 Assessment

FYA-Banner-text-2Workbook with activities on where to find funding, how to get it, how to talk about your work with friends, fans, and funders, and what projects best fit what funding source

* 7 weekly calls with juicy content, Q&A, and activities

* Virtual Support Group

Your Expert Guides:

Dr. Giavanni Washington, of RhythmQuest, has successfully written for nearly $1 million of grant and fellowship funding for artists.

Patricia Morrison, of Inner Fire, Outer Light, has gained tens of thousands of dollars in crowd-funding for artists’ projects and helped dozens of artists to earn money from their work with creative businesses, events, and sponsorships.

They have both built successful creative businesses and leveraged events to provide income to fund their work as well as causes they support.